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Making Your Health Our Priority

Your Convenience Care uses a patient-centric approach, providing the highest level of care. 

With delays and cost in today's healthcare system, I provide affordable and efficient healthcare for everyone. I see patients from across the life span, those who are in need of sick visits, school/work notes, chronic health conditions, minor injuries, skin care needs, and preventative health care.

New to our practice: Psychiatric Mental Health:  now offering therapy and prescription medications for patients who have mental health disorders or substance abuse problems.

Your Provider


Dr. Kelly Richardson DNP


As a Doctor of Nursing Practice, DNP, I am independently licensed as a healthcare professional. I have a Doctorate degree with certifications in Psychiatric Mental Health, Family Practice, and Geriatrics. I have spent 11 years in an ER, as a Hospitalist, Primary, and in crisis Psychiatric care. I diagnose and treat medical conditions through prescribing medication, ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests, and performing procedures. Nursing theory serves as the foundation of my philosophy of care by approaching each individual holistically with an emphasis on health promotion, disease prevention, and health education. I care for you and your family, focusing on your needs first and then any acute or chronic health condition you may have. After deep contemplation and 22 years of work in the healthcare industry, I choose to bring a newer way of managing our community’s health care needs. I lower your healthcare expenditures by offering a flat fee for a medical visit. I will come to you at your home or office for your convenience. Once we have established a relationship, I am available to you for telephone or video conference care to help you avoid the long waits in the ER for minor emergency needs. I can evaluate your symptoms and refer you to specialty care for any health issue. I have worked in South Texas for more than 20 years and have established working relationships with many specialists.

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